Simple Steps for Troubleshooting your IP Office Phone

Do you have a phone that’s just not working right or not at all?

If you have answered yes to either of these questions, I’m here to show you how to use the Avaya IP Office System Status to assist in resolving your Analog, Digital and VoIP telephone issues!


City of Richmond Improves Communication with Avaya IP Office

Chris Dellen

It is exciting to me when technology profoundly impacts an organization! Today, I want to share with you one of our most recent Avaya IP Office success stories.

Download the case study or watch the video below to see how the City of Richmond Improved Collaboration and Speed of Communication with the help of CPI and Avaya IP Office.

5 of My Favorite Avaya IP Office One-X Portal Features

No doubt about it…with the fast pace of life and the bombardment of information everyday, work and life can become overwhelming pretty quickly.

Something that keeps me organized at work is my Avaya One-X Portal. Just like scanning the dashboard in my car to check speed, fuel levels and miles per gallon, my One-X Portal gives me the same at-a-glance details on my desktop like voicemail, call logs and status of co-workers. But these are just a few of the features that help keep me on track throughout my day.

How to Backup Your Avaya IP Office Phone System

This is the last of my "Weed and Feed" Series. In the past two "Weed and Feed" posts, I shared how to Add New Users and how to Restore your system. Now this brings us to how to Backup your system.

Avaya IP Office System Restore Process...Easy Peasy

We’ve all had the “Control, Alt, Delete moment”. Unfortunately, in the digital world we live in, these things can happen. Just like with other systems, there are times when we see the need to restore an Avaya IP Office Business Phone System too. Perhaps there was a system or hardware malfunction or maybe even a damaged SD card. Whatever the case, if you are faced with the need to restore your system, Avaya has made the process easy in IP Office 9.0.

How to Add Users to Avaya IP Office in 6 Easy Steps

“Weed & Feed” Series for your Avaya IP Office, Part 1

Today as I was sitting in my kitchen sipping coffee, I couldn’t help but admire our beautiful, lush lawn. My husband and I have worked very hard to follow our "Weed & Feed" program every year. All of the watering, nurturing and work have paid off! This made me think of the Avaya IP Office system. To help your system stay at its best and perform the most efficiently, there may need to be some “Weed & Feed” performed now and then.

Avaya Releases IP Office 8.1

Jim Sites BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is a buzzword many of us are familiar with. As the popularity of BYOD is on the rise, Avaya is introducing IP Office 8.1 for small and mid-sized enterprises (SME). It includes new mobility, management, and security features as well as custom-built services to help SME’s take advantage of the rapidly growing BYOD sphere.

Avaya IP Office's Top 3 Mobility Features That You Should be Taking Advantage of... Today!

David Williams IP Office is Avaya’s Small business phone system and they have packed in some innovative mobility features in their 7.0 release. Some of these fun features are not widely known yet and it’s important to note how much they can improve communication while you (or your employees) are on the go. Listed below are my top 3 favorite IP Office mobility capabilities:

Avaya Announces End-of-Sale for BCM

Dane Newman Avaya has announced “End of Sale” dates for the BCM50 and BCM450 products as of March 2012. Avaya is merging the Nortel BCM systems into the Avaya IP Office.

CPI Aces Avaya Global Service Assessment

Chris Dellen On Friday, CPI aced its onsite Avaya Global Services Assessment. An achievement that authorizes CPI to continue implementing and supporting Avaya Co-Delivery offers, such as Joint Service Delivery (JSD), Partner Support Service (PSS), and to qualify for PASS (heritage Nortel) Co-Delivery Services.