Avaya Aura Session Border Controller

Secures the IP border for the real time interactive communications that flow outside your internal network. With the Session Border Controller, your Unified Communications and Contact Center Solutions can securely leverage SIP, while simultaneously extending the power of the Avaya Aura architecture throughout your enterprise to realize the true benefits of open standards.

Avaya Aura Session Border Controller is a standard element of Avaya’s Communication Architecture that:

  • Supports secure SIP sessions
  • Defends SIP signaling elements against security threats and overloads
  • Eliminates signaling and many other interoperability issues
  • Preserves session quality under load and adverse conditions
  • Extends Avaya application reach across IP network borders
  • Supports regulatory compliance

There are 3 key reasons to have a Session Border Controller deployed in your network:

Real-time IP communications require different security services than TDM and other IP flows

  • Real–time communications are continuous, 2-way streams versus traffic bursts characteristic of web applications
  • Real–time communications need to mediate interoperability problems between multi-vendor solutions

Today’s data-focused security solutions are not robust enough

  • Lack the ability to dynamically correct VoIP connectivity issues
  • Cannot perform VoIP signaling/media deep packet inspection
  • Cannot solve protocol interoperability problems

Security is paramount

  • The multi-protocol and real-time nature of IP telephony and unified communications traffic demands a sophisticated defense strategy
  • Since signaling attacks are simple to launch, you need to be prepared with defensive security strategies

Key Customer Benefits

In addition to alleviating security concerns and supporting the enterprise’s ability to take advantage of SIP technology, Avaya Aura Session Border Controller also enables:

  • Faster Avaya solutions deployment – at lower risk and cost – leveraging SIP trunking wizard
  • Safe use of cost-effective SIP trunks
  • Integration with third-party applications and services
  • High-quality session delivery to employees across the enterprise
  • Offers design flexibility for customers including the option to customize their network
  • Facilitates safe growth of your network as your business expands

Feature Summary


  • SIP trunking to PSTN providers
  • SIP trunking to hosted service providers (i.e. conferencing, contact center, etc.)
  • SIP trunking to federated businesses


  • Deployed on Avaya Aura® System Platform
  • Easily add Avaya Aura Session Border Controller to existing installations
  • Flexible feature set for new applications

Reliability and Scale

  • Active/standby redundancy
  • Scales to 750 simultaneous sessions
  • Redundant SIP connectivity to service providers and Avaya Aura Session Manager / Avaya Communication Manager possible


  • Acme Packet’s proven Net-SAFE security framework
  • TLS & SRTP encryption

Service Provider Interoperability

  • Supported by the Avaya Global Service Provider SIP Compliance Program (GSSCP)
  • Leverages proven SBC technology provided by Acme Packet, the market leading supplier to Service Providers
  • Flexible controls to solve interoperability problems

Product Detail

Avaya Aura Session Border Controller provides more than a firewall. While in the data world a firewall can be enough to protect your network from outside attacks, in the real time communications environment, a firewall is not sufficient.

The following are key security features that a real time communications environment demands, and that a firewall cannot provide:

  • Prevention of SIP-specific overload conditions and malicious attacks
  • Open / close RTP media ports in sync with SIP signaling
  • Ability to track session state and provide uninterrupted service
  • Perform interworking or security on encrypted sessions
  • Solve multi-vendor SIP interoperability problems