Avaya Aura Presence Services

A foundational element utilized by Avaya and third-party applications to collect and distribute rich Presence information and Instant Messaging (IM) capabilities throughout an enterprise. It is included as an entitlement with both Avaya Aura® Standard and Enterprise Edition.

An Enterprise Presence Solution:

  • Supports a wide range of devices.
  • Includes centralized management to administer and enforce personal and enterprise presence policies.
  • Adapts to existing infrastructures with a low cost deployment.
  • Is easy to use – and includes automatic activity based updates for users who don’t spend time managing their status.
  • Supports third party interoperability and accommodates new presences sources.
  • Federates Presence across disparate systems.
  • Scales easily to accommodate new users and the ever growing sources of presence information.

Avaya Aura® Presence Services collects and disseminates rich presence from Avaya and third party sources across a diverse set of business environments, enabling users throughout the network to reach the people they need, leveraging the multiple channels of communications available to them. Avaya Aura provides any user, anywhere on the network, with an actionable, aggregated view of all users across devices and multi-vendor applications.

Already widely used for instant messaging, presence has the potential to drive new levels of business user productivity and customer care by more easily making expert resources readily available to customers and employees.

New Platforms, New Applications, New Utility

Avaya Aura Presence Services work in concert with other presence-based applications, including Microsoft® Office Communication Server, IBM® Lotus Sametime, and other third-party applications using open standards SIMPLE (Session Initiation Protocol for Instant Messaging and Presence Leveraging Extensions) and XMPP (Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol). This allows consistent presence visibility and the use of a wide array of business communications applications including Avaya one-X® clients and deskphones to provide fully aggregated presence capabilities.

  • Full aggregated presence is provided in Avaya one-X® UC clients and Avaya one-X® deskphones.

Benefits of Avaya Aura Presence Services

  • Increased productivity by users gaining the ability to more effectively reach the people they need, and leveraging the multiple channels of communications available to them.
  • Improved customer care in the contact center by making expert resources readily available to respond to a customer issue.
  • Easier collaboration between mobile, remote and headquarters’ employees through presence awareness.
  • Faster one-and-done issue resolution through more effective communication.
  • Improved process cycle time through presence-aware business processes and the ability to "look-ahead" to help ensure the right resources are available to resolve a particular business issue.
  • Enhanced flexibility, privacy and security through the choice of automatic or manual status indication.
  • Enhanced support for both the SIMPLE and XMPP protocols, helping to ensure the most comprehensive set of presence source information.
  • Flexible access to presence information which can be displayed on any number of endpoints including Avaya one-X® UC clients and deskphones. In addition, Avaya presence solutions extend to a wide array of business communications applications.

Key Features

  • Robust, Aggregated Presence Information — Avaya Aura Presence Services aggregates presence information from telephony, desktop and other applications and provides a comprehensive view of user and device availability. As other presence sources are made available – even from third-party sources in a heterogeneous IT environment – they too can feed status information to the system to round out the user’s availability profile.
  • Multi-protocol / Multi-interface Support — Avaya Aura Presence Services supports both the SIMPLE and XMPP protocols, allowing for aggregation across a broad array of presence sources enabling a more comprehensive representation of the individual.
  • Optimizes Performance— Leverages SIP server-to-server protocol, optimizing network performance for real time communications applications.
  • High Scalability—Scales to support all enterprise subscribers with system throughput demanded of real time communications applications. 
  • Rich Presence—Normalizes and composes rich user presence (e.g., location, device, etc.) for applications and devices.