Avaya Aura Integrated Management

Provides a comprehensive set of applications designed to simplify system administration, provisioning and network management as well as fault and performance analysis operations.

Integrated Management covers Avaya Aura Communication Manager software; Avaya servers, gateways, switches and endpoints; branch deployments; and third-party solutions from Extreme Networks, Juniper Networks and Polycom.

Benefits of Avaya Integrated Management

Work more efficiently
Maximize productivity through web-based network reporting and management tools, accessible from virtually any station on your network or the Internet.

Easily monitor system health and performance Centralized network-wide monitoring and fault management tools provide a complete view of faults and performance analysis, allowing administrators to respond to events in a timely manner.

Centrally provision the IP network Streamline provisioning with easy-to-use tools for configuration management along with the ability to distribute software and firmware upgrades to multiple servers and gateways

Lower management costs
Simplified administration features and a standards-based management infrastructure that is scalable and interoperable help to reduce costs.

Avaya Integrated Management Offers
Integrated Management offers are designed to meet the varied needs of a broad range of customers, from small businesses with a single office, to large businesses with thousands of users in a single location, as well as corporations with distributed communication networks and multiple branch offices.

Site Administration Offer
Site Administration is designed for small-to-medium sized networks that run Microsoft Windows platforms. The offer includes the Site Administration and Voice Announcement Manager applications.

Site Administration
A PC-based application providing comprehensive tools for administration and maintenance of individual Avaya servers and messaging platforms.

  • Graphical user interface with special task wizards that simplify basic administration functions by reducing repetitive tasks for moves/adds/changes, finding extensions, monitoring, and a variety of other functions.
  • Graphically enhanced Avaya DEFINITY® interface tool provides access to more advanced administrative tasks.

Voice Announcement Manager
Helps enterprises gain better control over content, quality and timing of recorded voice announcements anywhere on the network.

  • Secure repository for voice announcements stored as .wav files. Copy, back-up, or restore announcements to Avaya servers and gateways over the LAN, and schedule for broadcast.
  • Easy-to-use graphical interface provides a centralized point of management, making it easy to get the right announcement to the right location, at the right time.

Network Management Offer
Network Management is a Microsoft Windows solution for managing enterprise VoIP networks. It provides a common web-based user interface that lets administrators see the whole voice system structure and hierarchy as well as manage Avaya voice systems and devices (such as gateways and servers). The offer includes Network Management Console, Software Update Manager, Provisioning & Installation Manager, Installation Backup & Restore and Branch Central Manager applications.

Network Management Console
The central launching point for Avaya administration tools and device managers, as well as network management and provisioning applications.

  • Main management console for device discovery, SNMP-based fault monitoring, and network display.
  • VoIP System View displays a hierarchical and logical view of the VoIP network, from the Avaya voice server level down to individual resource components, gateways and IP phones.
  • Administrators can quickly and easily locate users anywhere in the enterprise and identify their logical VoIP connection path as well as their physical connectivity to the network.
  • Discover and display LAN switches from Extreme Networks, routers from Juniper Networks and videoconferencing equipment from Polycom. Perform fault monitoring and SNMP trap reporting on these devices.

Software Update Manager
Simplifies software maintenance operations by helping administrators analyze and update software/firmware of Avaya gateways, media modules, servers running Communication Manager, TN-boards, wireless devices and network LAN switches.

  • Automatically retrieves the latest software updates from the Avaya support site, highlights devices running outdated versions, and schedules updates that can be distributed to multiple devices at a time.
  • Centralized solution that scales to thousands of TN-boards across hundreds of Avaya Aura Communication Manager systems – enabling network-wide upgrades triggered in one operation.
  • Manages remote distribution of IP phone firmware updates, reducing bandwidth usage over the WAN by allowing remote IP phones to get their configuration updates from the local TFTP server embedded in Avaya branch office gateways.

Provisioning & Installation Manager
Save time and money on large-scale branch office deployments by eliminating error-prone and time- consuming device-by-device provisioning of gateways.

  • Allows network operations center to quickly create configuration templates and individual device profiles with unique parameters for each gateway.
  • Templates and profiles can be applied to groups of gateways as part of a bulk provisioning process.
  • Large-scale branch office deployments can be performed faster, with fewer errors, and with reduced need for on-site technical expertise.
  • Configuration changes to hundreds of gateways can be applied in a single operation, providing significant operational savings for network-wide updates.

Configuration Backup & Restore
Central tool for backing up and restoring device configurations and configuring multiple devices.

  • Uses SNMP and SCP (or TFTP) to exchange information with the devices on the network.
  • Ability to schedule automatic periodic backups.
  • Select a group of similar devices to download a single configuration file.

Branch Central Manager
Web-based tool that provides the ability to centrally provision and manage thousands of branch locations, simply and efficiently, improving branch TCO. The application serves as a focal point for configuring, updating/upgrading, viewing, and monitoring the branch network. With Branch Central Manager, you can:

  • Display all branches
  • Group all branches into logical areas
  • Manage all branches, groups of branches, and individual branches

Performance & Administration Offer
The premier solution for managing large converged networks. This offer includes advanced management tools such as Multi Site Administration and Fault & Performance Manager that run on RedHat Linux. Combined with Network Management it provides the full complement of tools to administer the myriad features in Avaya Aura Communication Manager, monitor the entire voice and data network from a central location, and manage Avaya servers and IP endpoints.

Multi Site Administration
Helps network administration teams centrally manage large, complex voice networks consisting of multiple Avaya servers and gateways.

  • Graphical station and administration screens combined with wizards enable system administrators to rapidly learn and perform tasks that were previously difficult and time-consuming.
  • To help global support organizations control access, up to 13 custom management privilege levels can be defined to map groups of administrators and their defined access rights to groups of voice systems.
  • For additional security, an advanced logging feature enables company management to see transaction records of each administrator.

Fault & Performance Manager
Provides a hierarchical view of the health and status of all voice systems in the network, with drill-down capabilities to display information on configuration, fault, and health data of individual systems and adjuncts in text, tabular and graphical formats.

  • Includes support for monitoring of Enterprise Survivable Servers (ESS) and the management of port network moves between servers.
  • Powerful reporting tool, with system-wide administration of parameters that allow the network manager to quickly define settings for data collection, logging, and alert levels, and a flexible report manager that provides detailed information on performance, configuration, and exceptions/alarms.
  • Integrated helpdesk feature automatically launches the Communication Manager maintenance manual with the specific alarm in focus.
  • Ability to set up filtering of alarms on a system-wide or individual system basis makes finding alarms and elevating the alert status a valuable troubleshooting tool. Alerts can be easily emailed or forwarded on to any SNMP compliant application.

Integrated Management Database
Provides a common data store for device data and user accounts. Multi Site Administration and Avaya Fault & Performance Manager retrieve this data and verify user accounts.

  • Single point of entry for administration of common configuration information.
  • Web-based user interface. 
  • Data Import capability for easier provisioning.