Avaya Aura Communication Manager Messaging

Designed to help you easily connect your employees, customers, and processes for sophisticated and productive collaboration. Communication Manager Messaging provides a low cost and easy to install solution that includes call answering and messaging capabilities.

Avaya Aura Communication Manager Messaging 6.0 is a powerful embedded addition to the Avaya Aura Communication Manager 6.0 delivering voice and text messaging to help improve communications and simplify information exchange between enterprises. Communication Manager Messaging Federal Market 6.0 provides significant capacity increases by introducing support for the S8800 server.

Key Benefits

  • Unified Communications Communication Manager Messaging delivers proven voice messaging capabilities that improve employee productivity and customer service. Users can easily communicate with contacts anytime and from any endpoint.
  • Enterprise Standardization Communication Manager Messaging accommodates enterprise users, allowing each to easily communicate with colleagues and decision makers with a consistent experience.
  • User Friendly Experience Communication Manager Messaging provides access to communication and messaging capabilities through simple intuitive interfaces. Within the telephony user interface, help prompts provide users immediate support.
  • Secure Communications The Communication Manager Messaging Federal Market application passed rigorous susceptibility and interoperability testing of the United States government, and is deployed by several government agencies and departments. Release 6.0 is expected to receive US Department of Defense Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC) certification.
  • Exceptional Availability Communication Manager Messaging is arguably best in class with respect to software quality in the voice messaging space. Minimal downtime and near zero defects contribute to a gratifying user and support experience.
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership The Communication Manager Messaging application is an embedded software package that requires no additional servers.

Key Features

Avaya Aura Communication Manager Messaging application includes a broad set of voice messaging features, including:

  • Call Answer Helps ensure that information and messages can be securely left in a user’s voice mailbox while they are away from their workplace or on the phone.
  • Voice Messaging Users can record a message, address it, and send it to other Communication Manager Messaging network users.
  • Email Client Access Standard internet messaging protocols (IMAP4 and SMTP) support the retrieval of messages using industry standard email clients, consolidated in an email inbox.
  • Outcalling (Call Me) Users can administer the application to outcall to another phone to notify them of new messages, with time of day and priority parameters.
  • Automated Attendants Sophisticated capabilities for customer call handling, custom prerecorded announcements, and call routing based on caller response to menus and prompts.
  • Message Networking Enables the networking of multiple messaging platforms efficiently across disparate geographic locations in point to point or hubbed topographies.