Avaya Aura Communication Manager

Delivering rich voice and video capabilities and providing for a resilient, distributed network of media gateways and analog, digital and IP-based communication devices. Avaya Aura Communication Manager is the foundation of your Unified Communications Solutions.

In addition, Communication Manager boasts robust PBX features, high reliability and scalability, and multi-protocol support. It includes advanced mobility features, built-in conference calling and contact center applications and E911 capabilities.

Avaya Aura Communication Manager enables the virtual enterprise with:

  • Robust voice and video call processing capabilities.
  • Advanced workforce productivity and mobility features.
  • Built-in conferencing and contact center applications
  • Centralized voicemail and attendant operations across multiple locations.
  • Connectivity to a wide range of analog, digital, and IP-based communication devices.
  • Support for SIP, H.323 and many industry-standard communications protocols over a variety of different networks.
  • More than 700 powerful features in all. 
  • High availability, reliability and survivability.

Key Benefits

Helping ensure business continuity

  • Transparent server failover: If the primary server fails, the backup automatically takes over.
  • Redundant interfaces: Minimizes the impact of local network failures.
  • Geographically separated redundant servers: Provides redundancy across the IP telephony solution.
  • Branch office survivability: Keeps branch offices and remote locations connected to the main data center.
  • Voice quality monitoring and management: Checks for network conditions that adversely affect voice quality and automatically applies corrective action.

Promoting enterprise security

  • Secure by design: Avaya Aura Communication Manager telephony servers are isolated from the rest of the enterprise network to safeguard them from viruses, worms, DoS and other attacks.
  • Secure by default: Avaya Aura Communication Manager uses the minimum number of services and access ports to reduce susceptibility to malicious attacks.
  • Secure communications: Avaya Aura Communication Manager uses media encryption between servers, gateways and endpoints to secure the voice stream and signaling channels.

Enhancing workforce productivity

  • Handles incoming calls effectively: Multiple options for call routing, queuing and priority handling.
  • Increases efficiency: Easy-to-use features save workers hours in setting up, dialing and routing calls.
  • Improves collaboration: Workers enjoy increased collaboration with easy-to-operate conferencing and paging features.
Open Standards

  • Support for open standards: Facilitates embedding communications into business processes, adding value to the enterprise.
  • SIP support: SIP improves the connectivity and openness of Avaya Aura Communication Manager and associated end-user devices, resulting in reduced costs, faster deployment of new functions and enhanced options for linking communications with business processes. SIP based presence lets users inform others of their status, availability and how they may be contacted.
  • End-to-end standards-based application integration: Linux-based Avaya Aura Communication Manager software provides integration of old (TSAPI, JTAPI, CSTA) and new (Web services and service-oriented architecture) standards.
Simplified Network Management

  • Avaya Integrated Management Suite: Provides a comprehensive set of tools that makes it easy to deploy, manage and maintain a complex, distributed Avaya Aura Communication Manager-based IP telephony network.
  • Avaya Aura System Manager: Provides centralized administration of multiple instances of Communication Manager. It takes a solution level approach to network administration that allows IT departments to incorporate new components and applications under a common management umbrella over time, managing the elements of Avaya Aura together as a system.

Feature Summary

  • Telephony Features: Comprehensive end user telephony features (i.e. auto attendant, call transfer, call forward, etc.) facilitate effective communications among employees, customers and partners.
  • Mobility Features: Extensive in-building or in/out building wireless choices and hot desking features like Extension to Cellular (EC500), Personal Station Access (PSA) and Automatic Customer Telephone Rearrangement (ACTR) extend Avaya Aura Communication Manager features to users no matter where they’re working.
  • Collaboration: Built-in features like Meet Me Conferencing (up to six parties) or the optional Expanded Meet Me Conferencing (up to 300) make it easy to collaborate with groups of peers, customers and partners.
  • Integrated Messaging: Built-in messaging features and full capability for messaging integration with voice, fax and e-mail.