Avaya Aura Collaboration Server

Enables businesses with existing Avaya infrastructure to evaluate Avaya’s newest SIP endpoints and applications without upgrading their entire communications network. With a minimal investment, Avaya customers can conduct targeted end-user trials.

Today’s businesses must be one step ahead of the competition. Productivity-enhancing communications solutions are a key element of an overall strategy. However, trialing new applications can be time consuming, complex and costly...especially when infrastructure needs to be updated for end-user trials.


  • Conduct Trials of New Collaboration Capabilities on Your Own Schedule – Test Avaya’s newest applications including SIP based video solutions and collaboration endpoints. Regardless of when new SIP applications are released, you’ll be ready to test them and determine which are best for your business.
  • No Need to Upgrade Your Existing Network – You don’t have to deploy the most current software releases throughout your Avaya infrastructure to test new capabilities. The Avaya Aura Collaboration Server is a separate Avaya Aura environment (running the newest software releases) that connects to your network.
  • Keep Trial Users in the Mainstream – Successful trials depend on being able to test applications across many users and teams. With the Avaya Aura Collaboration Server, demo endpoints are part of your overall network and dial plan. Trial users can communicate throughout the organization, with minimal disruption to their work flow.
  • Easy Installation and Management – Powered by Avaya Aura System Platform virtualization technology, this single server solution is simple to deploy. Unified tools also streamline daily management.
  • Limit Capital Expenditures – The adjunct Avaya Aura Collaboration Server offers substantial cost savings on both software and hardware by not requiring upgrades to your existing Avaya platform.
  • Save Rack Space – This powerful communications platform only requires a single server. The less rack space you use, the more space you have for other mission critical hardware.


  • Designed for Pilots of New SIP Products and Solutions – Businesses can easily trial Avaya Video Conferencing Solution components, the Avaya Desktop Video Device, and SIP enabled endpoints (96x1 series) with the Avaya Flare Experience. Future SIP applications can also be available for trial.
  • Delivers Avaya Aura Core Components – The Avaya Aura Collaboration Server provides a suite of the newest releases of Avaya Aura core components, including Communication Manager 6.0.1, Session Manager 6.1, System Manager 6.1, Presence Services 6.0, Utility Services 6.1 and System Platform 6.0.
  • Full Featured “Adjunct” Communications Platform – Simply connect this separate server to your existing Avaya communications network using SIP. Trial users are still part of your overall network and dial plan, but you’re not required to upgrade your entire network.
  • Virtualized to a Single Server – Avaya Aura System Platform Technology enables core components of Avaya Aura to be deployed on a single server. In addition, Avaya Aura System Manager tools simplify daily management of the server’s software suite.